Binge Drinking Significantly Disrupts Immune System, Study Finds

Author - JD Meints | January 08, 2015

Binge drinking is often associated with a substantial number of side effects and negative health detriments. A new study out of Loyola University is introducing further research into the effects of binge drinking- this time in regards to the immune systems of young adults. Researchers conducted the study upon 15 participants, administering between four and five shots of vodka depending on weight. Blood tests were then conducted to test their immune systems in regards to white blood cell count. Findings concluded that immune system activity went into overdrive to compensate for overdrinking, and then returned to levels lower than when participants were sober. Though the sample size was small, researchers are beginning to better understand affect of heavy drinking on young adults' immunity.

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Click here to read the full article by Carolyn Gregoire for Huffington Post.

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