NuLife Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Reopens in Calabasas California

Realizing that you have a problem with addiction and that you need to get help can make many people feel alone. The stigma of addiction can force people to think they have low moral standards, are weak or can’t “handle” their own lives if they decide to get help for addiction. This can be a major problematic roadblock for many people. The truth is, this stigma couldn’t be further from reality. That’s why JD Meints, Founder & CEO of NuLife Recovery, created a luxury drug and alcohol rehab recovery center in Calabasas that understands who you are and welcomes you with open arms.

Meet JD Meints, Founder & CEO of Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab NuLife Recovery

Meints is open about the fact that he has been in recovery himself since 2012, and that he wanted to create a luxury drug and alcohol rehab that he would be comfortable visiting himself. When he first got sober, he admits it was the hardest decision he has had to make in his life — but it is the one that has yielded the most results in his life. With a background in finance, licensing and marketing, all roads in his life have lead him to what he is doing now: working to positively impact lives, rebuild individuals, and reconnect families.

NuLife Core Values: Service, Empathy, Trust

According to Meints, addiction has no limits. It affects the wealthy, the poor, the smart, the white-collar, the blue-collar, celebrities, executives and everyone in between. As part of his work with NuLife, Meints strives to spread the word in an effort to give people the confidence people talk about addiction because the stigma of addiction can be damaging enough to deter people from getting the help they desperately need.

This is why the core values of NuLife Recovery Center are service, empathy, and trust. Everything is based around the understanding that clients are people looking to recover from addiction treatment, and simply trying to understand why they are the way they are. Nulife works to explain this “why” and provides an individualized roadmap to recovery. This type of empathy can make all the difference in recovery.

In addition, people suffering from addiction tend to have issues with trust. Family dynamics are broken, friendships are broken, and people in active addiction tend to associate with people who aren’t trustworthy which, in turn, can make themselves not trustworthy. That is why trust is such an important part of the recovery process — to rebuild those relationships and those trustworthy qualities in all clients.

Beautiful Grounds with Great Service

Meints prides himself on the great service provided by NuLife. While every rehab serves a single purpose — to help people overcome addiction — every rehab is markedly different in how this purpose is approached. Meints relates it to comparing a Four Seasons to a Motel 6 — both serve the same purpose, however, the way it is gone about by each is markedly different. Most notably, the service provided. NuLife puts its arms around its clients, helping them feel safe and cared for by caring people who have been in their shoes while making them feel as comfortable as possible.

Along with exceptional service, NuLife boasts a breathtaking facility and grounds. Nestled on 14 acres of park-like grounds, Meints describes NuLife as a hidden oasis. NuLife is filled with trees, sports courts, pools, hiking trails, and more. It was remodeled from the ground-up in 2017, so every room has big comfy beds with no more than 2 clients to a room (private rooms are available), and each room has its own balcony. Meints describes the vibe as energetic and spiritual, with the feeling of being away but close enough to the every day, local amenities of Los Angeles.

Find Your Tribe

Meints believes that you are the sum of the 5 closest people you spend time with, which is why he finds it so important for people to find their tribe while in treatment at NuLife. NuLife accomplishes this by showing you what tools are out there and introduce you to all of them. Whether it is the 12 steps, SMART Recovery, or Refuge, finding your tribe & fellowship of like-minded individuals to help guide you will make all the difference. Every person has different requirements to sustain long term recovery, which is why NuLife tackles addiction with an individualized approach known as the 360-Degree Treatment Method.

Aftercare: The Critical Starting Point for Long-Term Recovery

Aftercare begins the day that clients arrive at NuLife. The center’s job is not only to get you back into life – but to make sure that your life is ready to receive that new you. That’s why NuLife incorporates the family during treatment to make sure that the environment is properly set up.

If more care is needed after 30 days, NuLife works with programs in the area to make that introduction is made for the client while they are looking for work, going back to school, or whatever it is they need. NuLife also uses virtual treatment and telehealth and provides the ability to stay connected online.

About NuLife Recovery Center

According to JD Meints, recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. It has taken you all your life to get to the point that you need help, so give yourself 30 days to get back on track. NuLife’s job is to get clients feeling better physically, and to get their minds clear so that they can understand that there is a way out of addiction. Individuals are miserable in addiction, Meints knows his clients are not trying to be sober and still miserable. Life is meant to be enjoyed and explored, starting at NuLife Recovery Center.

NuLife Recovery Treatment Center is nestled on 14 beautiful acres in Calabasas, California surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains. Our resort-like setting allows for your total comfort so that you can concentrate on reestablishing your health — and your life — free of drugs or alcohol. We have developed the most effective treatment program in the industry, one that Engages, Inspires and Empowers you, backed by evidence-based treatment and holistic therapies that treat the mind, body, and spirit, in a complete 360-degree manner.

Research has validated the effectiveness of evidence-based therapy models; CBT, DBT, MI, and EMDR to name a few. But if they are not part of an organized treatment system purposely designed to facilitate long-term recovery, they can have little effect, if any, on helping you overcome your addiction and addressing any co-occurring disorders that you may also have.

That’s why NuLife’s Clinical Team developed the effective 360-degree treatment method. This individualized method wraps you in care and compassion while Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering during each measurable step of your treatment. The 360-degree method treats the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, utilizing Evidence-Based Mental Health Therapies, Experiential Therapies, and Holistic therapies. When combined into the 360-degree method are a powerful tool that will help you achieve lasting recovery.

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