Opioid Luxury Rehab in Los Angeles

Making the decision of where to get help for opioid addiction can be just as difficult as deciding to get help in the first place. Whether you live in the Los Angeles area or think it will be the perfect place for you to receive treatment, an opioid luxury rehab in Los Angeles could be a great choice for your long-term recovery.

Opioid Luxury Rehab Treatment Methods

Simply put: not every treatment center is the same. Each and every person who suffers from addiction has different needs. One person may need extra help repairing relationships within their family, while another needs the same amount of help for managing triggers at work. No matter the need, it all comes down to self-care and taking care of the whole person, which is why two very important elements of opioid luxury rehab are medically-assisted detox and the 360-degree treatment method.

Medically-Assisted Detox

When a patient is prescribed opioids for pain management, they will eventually be tapered off of it under medical supervision. Doctors do not recommend stopping the use of opioids cold-turkey due to the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Instead, dosage levels are lowered until they are finally off. This same thinking applies to people suffering from opioid addiction because quitting cold turkey and having sudden abstinence doesn’t work for everybody.

Being able to slowly wean off of opioids and receive medications to ease withdrawal symptoms can make all the difference in early recovery. These medications can include Suboxone, Methadone, sleep aids and more. When an individual is detoxing comfortably, they are better able to concentrate on therapy and focus on long-term goals.

Alternatively, when an individual is experiencing a difficult detox process, they may not be able to focus on their long-term goals and they may “give up” more easily. It may seem easier to relapse than to go through another moment of being in pain. Medications that help with uncomfortable physical symptoms, anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea and more can help someone keep moving forward and stay sober for the long term.

360-Degree Treatment Method

Getting sober is just one small aspect of addiction recovery. The other aspect is treating the whole person, which is what NuLife recovery has called the 360-Degree Treatment Method. While there are evidence-based behavioral therapies such as CBT, DBT, SMART Recovery, the 12 Steps, family therapy, and more, there are also holistic therapies that help treat the mind and body.

Holistic therapy helps to get the mind and body in tune with each other. This type of therapy can be just as important as behavioral therapy. The more an individual is able to keep stress levels low and recognize when anxiety or a trigger is coming, the better they will be able to manage it. Finding new, healthy ways to deal with stress is crucial in addiction recovery, and can be learned through holistic therapy at an opioid luxury rehab.

Why Opioid Luxury Rehab?

Aside from medically-assisted detox and a 360-Degree Treatment Method, opioid luxury rehab is a great choice for its resort-style amenities and luxurious accommodations. These can be very helpful when going through addiction treatment, especially if they are things that an individual is used to experiencing every day.


If you live in the Los Angeles area, going to an opioid luxury rehab in Los Angeles can offer all of the familiarity of home. If you live elsewhere, coming to an opioid luxury rehab in Los Angeles can give you so many different means of exploring what works for you and what you like. Between the beach, hiking trails, the city and more, there is such a wide range of things to do in Los Angeles. More of the amenities offered at NuLife Recovery Center include:

  • 14 acres of park-like grounds
  • Resort-style pools
  • Hiking trails
  • Lighted tennis and sport courts
  • Gourmet kitchen and dining staff


One of the greatest benefits of opioid luxury rehab in Los Angeles is the luxurious accommodations. At NuLife Recovery Center, clients are offered spacious rooms, including private rooms, with large comfortable beds and private balconies connected to each. With this type of comfort, clients are more easily able to relax after a long day of emotional therapy and destress.

Just because you’re enrolling in a treatment center for addiction doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the luxurious accommodations you are used to in your own home. NuLife Recovery Center prides itself on not only it’s comfort, but also the personalized service you’re used to.

About NuLife Recovery Center

Opioid luxury rehab in Los Angeles is a great choice for anyone looking to recover in a resort-style setting with all the amenities that Los Angeles has to offer.

NuLife Recovery Treatment Center is nestled on 14 beautiful acres surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains. Our resort-like setting allows for your total comfort so that you can concentrate on reestablishing your health — and your life — free of drugs or alcohol. We have developed the most effective treatment program in the industry, one that Engages, Inspires and Empowers you, backed by evidence-based treatment and holistic therapies that treat the mind, body, and spirit, in a complete 360-degree manner.

Research has validated the effectiveness of evidence-based therapy models; CBT, DBT, MI, and EMDR to name a few. But if they are not part of an organized treatment system purposely designed to facilitate long-term recovery, they can have little effect, if any, on helping you overcome your addiction and addressing any co-occurring disorders that you may also have.

That’s why NuLife’s Clinical Team developed the effective 360-degree treatment method. This individualized method wraps you in care and compassion while Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering during each measurable step of your treatment. The 360-degree method treats the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, utilizing Evidence-Based Mental Health Therapies, Experiential Therapies, and Holistic therapies. When combined into the 360-degree method are a powerful tool that will help you achieve lasting recovery.

For more information, visit nuliferecovery.com

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