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The ability to relax is critical to recovery from addiction.

As experts learn more and more about the brain, one of the lessons they’ve learned is that children who experience trauma develop the inability to calm themselves. They end up with higher levels of cortisol and as a result walk through life in a constant state of stress. And it is frequently these children, who never learn the important skill of regulating their emotions, who grow up to use substances as a means of calming down. They end up using drugs or alcohol as a means to escape feelings that may appear to be overwhelming and intense.

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Tips for Eating Healthy and Staying Sober

When it comes to your body there are many healthy choices that you are likely making while in drug treatment aftercare. You’re probably becoming more aware of your thoughts and choices. You’re probably recognizing what behaviors are unhealthy and those that are working for you.

Having clarity of mind is important to have in order to function in life. It’s also important to have clarity of mind during recovery in order to make decisions that promote recovery and well being. Fortunately, fuzzy thinking or brain fog is a temporary symptom that only lasts for a few weeks after detoxification. However, for others, it may remain for a few months.

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