Rehab During the Holidays

The holidays can be everyone’s favorite time of year. Weeks full of traditions, reuniting with family and enjoying the magic in the air. However, the holidays can be an equally stressful time of year for those suffering from addiction and their families. It can be difficult to imagine skipping all the holiday festivities you know and love this year, but rehab during the holidays can be very beneficial for many reasons.

Substance Abuse Rates Are Higher Around the Holidays

The holidays are full of parties, events, family, and get-togethers. All of these things can present extra pressures to engage in social drinking, or the stress of the holidays can push people to use more than normal. According to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, 34 percent of traffic fatalities were alcohol-related during the 2017 holiday season.

Many people feel pressure to participate in extra partying with family they rarely see, such as a night out with cousins when they come into town to visit. Family can invade personal space, everyday routines, and can take up a lot of time and money to entertain. All of these stressors can add up to a bender which may not have taken place if it weren’t for the holidays.

Better Chance for Long Term Results

There are many sacrifices involved with deciding to go to addiction treatment. If an individual decides to go to rehab during the holidays, there is an extra sacrifice made to get better. Leaving home for a long period of time, not seeing family every day, giving up old ways, the price of a luxury residential rehab, and missing the holiday season can all be extra motivators for long-term recovery.

Rehab during the holidays won’t be so bad — the family will be able to visit, and treatment centers do a great job of making people feel comfortable, important, and cared for on holidays. New traditions can be learned in rehab during the holidays that can be carried over in years to come, as well.

There Will Always Be Roadblocks

It can be easy to use the holidays as an excuse to not go to rehab. However, once the holidays are over, you can be sure that there will be another roadblock along the way. Whether it is financial, another important date, or something else, people suffering from addiction will often hide behind roadblocks in order to not get the treatment they desperately need. Don’t let the holidays be one of those roadblocks.

Invest in Better Holidays for Next Year

By starting rehab during the holidays this year, you will have a year of sobriety and treatment under your belt by next year. You will be able to better navigate the stress of the holidays, be able to better handle triggers of places and parties, and have strengthened the relationships with your loved ones. By sacrificing this year’s holiday festivities, you are only ensuring that every holiday season after this one will only be better and better.

Give Your Family the Best Gift

If an individual is seriously considering rehab during the holidays, there is a good chance that their family is just as ready — or more ready — for them to go to rehab as they are. The family may be worried about embarrassing actions that could come during celebrations, disappointing visits, aggressive arguments, volatile confrontations, scared children, and broken promises that will happen during the holidays.

As such, by going to rehab during the holidays, you won’t have to put your family through another holiday season while intoxicated. They want to spend the holidays with the best version of you. Be beginning treatment now, you will be able to have a year of sobriety under your belt by next year and will be able to give that to them next year.

About NuLife Recovery Center

The one thing everyone knows for certain about the holiday season is that it comes every year. However, the same cannot be said about people suffering from addiction. If you or a loved one is considering going to treatment, there is no better time than now. Holidays or not, addiction is a progressive, chronic disease that requires medical intervention.

NuLife Recovery Treatment Center is nestled on 14 beautiful acres surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains. Our resort-like setting allows for your total comfort so that you can concentrate on reestablishing your health — and your life — free of drugs or alcohol. We have developed the most effective treatment program in the industry, one that Engages, Inspires and Empowers you, backed by evidence-based treatment and holistic therapies that treat the mind, body, and spirit, in a complete 360-degree manner.

Research has validated the effectiveness of evidence-based therapy models; CBT, DBT, MI, and EMDR to name a few. But if they are not part of an organized treatment system purposely designed to facilitate long-term recovery, they can have little effect, if any, on helping you overcome your addiction and addressing any co-occurring disorders that you may also have.

That’s why NuLife’s Clinical Team developed the effective 360-degree treatment method. This individualized method wraps you in care and compassion while Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering during each measurable step of your treatment. The 360-degree method treats the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, utilizing Evidence-Based Mental Health Therapies, Experiential Therapies, and Holistic therapies. When combined into the 360-degree method are a powerful tool that will help you achieve lasting recovery.

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