Residential Drug Rehab

The powerful grip of drug addiction can be suffocating. You are often left with a feeling that there is nowhere to turn for help or relief. But loosening that grip is possible, once you’ve admitted to yourself that there is a problem and you are willing to actively change your life. Trying to do it alone, however, is just not practical. You need the assistance of a compassionate professional team that can help you heal your mind, body and spirit.

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Residential Drug Rehab Benefits

Family Liasion

Recovery requires a multi-tiered approach that works not only with patients but with their families as well. NuLife Recovery offers 24/7 telemedicine support for family members to stay up to date of the progress.

Clinical Care

Our 24-hour clinical care includes therapists who provide psychiatric consultations, and lead group and individual therapy sessions.

NuLife Recovery’s residential drug rehab program is for anyone who realizes the need to be free of the pain cycle and bondage of drug addiction.

Case Management

We’ll pair you with a case manager who is your partner and confidant in the process. They’ll oversee your personal care plan and provide sobriety support to help you seamlessly transition from drug addiction to recovery and into independent sober living.

Family Program

Often, the best care and support for drug abuse you can find is from those who have faced and conquered the challenges you now face. We connect you with families who have been through the drug recovery process to strengthen and support you on your journey and remind you there is a way out of the cycle.

Phase 1: Engage

The first phase of recovery at our residential drug rehab center aims to lay a foundation for hope of change and a better life. With personalized 24/7 long-term care, we infuse a sense of safety throughout the process so you can feel secure as you build upon every forthcoming step. We’ll determine what is needed to stabilize the body and mind and create internal harmony. Between clinical care, case management, good nutrition, and provision of a family liaison, we solidify your new foundation for success by helping you uncover your true motivation for treatment—the key to your long-term success.

Phase 2: Inspire

Realizing there is a way forward and reigniting hope enables dreams and purpose to form and thrive. This second phase of drug addiction recovery is personalized to every individual because it’s about helping you envision and build your best life. Recovery isn’t about what you’re giving up. It’s about what’s ahead of you in the life worth living. Along with regular clinical care, case management, and family care, we provide you with actionable steps to take.

Phase 3: Empower

During the final phase of recovery, we empower you to claim your life and take hold of independence by moving into one of our transitional living facilities. Expanding on the foundations laid in the prior phases, you’ll strategically emerge into your new life with the support of our clinical care team, your case manager and your 12-step recovery guide.

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5-Star Care Facility

Heal and grow in our luxury residential treatment center. Enjoy views, pools, the fabulous house, tennis courts and more on 14 beautiful acres.

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Recover Amid Comfort and Calm

NuLife Recovery has been the answer for many individuals like you, tormented by their addiction but determined to change their future and reclaim their life. Our peaceful resort-like facility, located amid the serenity of the Santa Monica Mountains, helps put you back on the road to recovery in a luxurious setting that is uplifting and comfortable in every way.

Here you are treated with respect and dignity. Rather than judging you, our experienced professional staff engages, inspires and empowers you to reach your goals and fulfill your amazing potential.

NuLife Recoveryis a world-class luxury treatment center, not only because of our comfortable surroundings but also because of the close, personal attention that we give to you. Your drug treatment plan is totally customized to fit your individual personality and preferences.

Preparation and Separation

Once our Admissions Counselor and medical team have interviewed you and studied your symptoms and history, we put together a powerful plan of action. One of the first components of this plan is Detox, a process that safely separates you from your drug of choice. One of our licensed doctors oversees this healing procedure, in order to professionally monitor your progress and minimize any possible withdrawal symptoms or side effects. Our vast experience in this process helps ensure that you will be as comfortable as possible during the detoxification.

As you are beginning detox, the rest of your expert team will set your individualized plan in motion, laying the foundation for your successful recovery. We will assemble a wide range of complementing therapies that engage your mind and inspire and empower your body and spirit. Our philosophy – one that has worked successfully for many, many clients battling addiction – is to treat the entire person and to encircle him or her with 360° support.

That philosophy is not just catchy phrasing; it represents our total commitment to your healing journey. Whether it is through our individual, group and psychotherapies, our therapeutic recreational activities, our nutritionally-balanced gourmet meals or the engaging way that we get to know you, our compassion and understanding will bring positivity to your life and help you regain what you may have lost through your addiction.

A New Life of Exploration

Healing comes partially from exploring the deep rifts that live beneath the addiction. We are highly adept at helping you to address those trapped emotions and to re-nourish your mind, body, and spirit through new discoveries and connections. Our skilled therapists and counselors will help you find your authentic self, so you can release past trauma and embrace yourself unconditionally.

Once you have completed your drug treatment at NuLife Recovery, we continue with you on your exciting journey. Our 360° support extends to your aftercare, as we schedule time with your counselors, as well as therapy meetings, to help keep you focused on your successful recovery. The bond you develop with NuLife Recovery will be one that continues to strengthen your resolve for the months and years ahead. We welcome you to a level of drug treatment unlike any other. And we look forward to helping you rediscover and honor the true you.

Addictions Treated

Adderall addiction
Alcohol addiction
Benzodiazepine addiction
Cocaine addiction
Codeine addiction
Demerol addiction
Designer drug addiction

Heroin addiction
Inhalant addiction
Marijuana addiction
Meth addiction
Opioid addiction
Prescription drug addiction