Six Americans Die from Alcohol Poisoning Each Day

Author - JD Meints | January 07, 2015

"A new report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention explains the sobering truth that six Americans die each day from alcohol poisoning- that's over 2,200 people per year. Alcohol poisoning, caused by drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, can lead to life-threatening symptoms such as inability to wake up, slow breathing, vomiting, irregular breathing, seizures, and hypothermia. If critical areas of the brain responsible for controlling body temperature, heart rate, and breathing shut down, these high levels of alcohol can result in death. The CDC reports that 76% of alcohol poisoning deaths were male victims; three quarters of all alcohol poisoning deaths fall into the age range of 35-64 years old. This new report serves as a heartbreaking reminder that binge drinking and alcohol dependance can result in life-threatening complications and death.

Click here to read the full article by David McNamee for Medical News Today."

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