Smoking, Drinking, Prescription Drug Abuse Down in Teens

Author - JD Meints | December 16, 2014

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has released its latest Monitoring the Future survey, in which it studies the behaviors and choices of high school students, college students, and young adults. In the survey, researchers report seeing a drop in smoking, drinking, and prescription and synthetic drug abuse. Marijuana rates remain stable, but the number of young people trying synthetic drugs has declined. Binge drinking numbers among high school seniors have also dropped sharply, now resting at under 20% compared to its peak of 31.5% in 1998. NIDA Director Dr. Nora Volkow explained that "the main highlight is that for most indicators the news is very good...we need to continue to be very aggressive as far as interventions and to continue to curb abuse." She also credits education programs and awareness of resources in slowing the abuse of drugs and alcohol among this demographic.

Click here to read the full article by Jen Christensen and Debra Goldschmidt for CNN Health.

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