Substance Abuse, Alcohol Abuse Rising Among Elderly

Author - JD Meints | December 22, 2014

"While it may be a demographic that is less commonly associated with substance abuse, it is estimated that 2.8 million older adults meet the criteria for alcohol or substance addiction. Dr. Amy Amend Johnson of UT Southwestern Medical Center's Geriatric Medicine explained that we are seeing an increase in substance and alcohol misuse, abuse and dependency among seniors...primarily attributed to the aging of the baby boomers, who likely had increased exposure to substance use as they came of age, compared with the previous generation. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Adminstration, the combination of alcohol and substance misuse affects up to 19% of older Americans, often attributed to loneliness, depression, and losses (both personal and professional). Older people can be more susceptible to bad reactions, as your body tolerates less and takes longer to metabolize the older you are. Seeking an individualized treatment plan for you or your loved one will be key to recovery from addiction, no matter what age or type of addiction faced.

Click here to read the full article by Pamela Yip for Dallas News."

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