The Differences Between Holistic and Traditional Drug Rehab Centers

Author - JD Meints | August 23, 2014

It has become very common to see residential drug rehab centers promoting variations of holistic inpatient treatment services, yet many people wonder what that means......


With so many addiction treatment facilities promoting themselves as offering "holistic" recovery services, it often leaves the viewer wondering what exactly that means. To some, this could imply that they take on a non 12-step approach. It could also mean that they implement ancillary services like yoga, nutritional supplements, holistic lifestyle choices, etc. It could also mean that the treatment center does not support the use of psychotropic drugs prescribed under the care of a psychiatrist. Or it could even mean a combination thereof.

As defined by Wikipedia, the term "holistic" is described as, "A diverse field of alternative medicine in which the "whole person" is focused on, not just the malady itself." By that definition alone, it leaves open a whole world of possibilities, and as is the case with any claim of service made by a drug rehab center, it is very important to inquire and ask questions. With respect to holistic treatment, what does this mean and how can it further help you or your loved one within the overall recovery process?

Southern California, with its wonderful array of professional and geographical resources, far and away leads the industry in this regard. You're probably likely to find more bona fide holistic addiction treatment centers here than in virtually any other region worldwide. With regard to how this impacts somebody caught up in the grips of chemical dependency, it is important to understand that those struggling with addiction/alcoholism are in the midst of a devastating illness which effects their mind, body and spirit. Unlike diabetes or MS or cancer or any of the other untold numbers of illnesses out there, substance abuse attacks the individual on every possible level! In simple, the spiritual malady causes the emptiness that leads the the mindful obsession; the unrelenting obsession then leads to the first drink or drug; at that point the allergy of the body kicks in and the individual is now a prisoner in the viscous cycle of repeated use until something more powerful steps in to break it.

A holistic approach to treatment is one that truly addresses the multitude of ways a patient is affected by the malady. But it goes deeper than that alone, it addresses the issues that he or she is dealing with long before they result in taking that drink or drug. A holistic approach can mean a multitude of clinical and non-clinical services. From yoga to healthy eating to music therapy to improving upon your spiritual belief system and so much more, this is a world of addiction treatment that nearly anyone can benefit from!

At NuLife we take a very fluid approach when it comes to holistic treatment services. We believe that each client must be afforded a series of options that he or she may essentially test the waters in. We believe that no two addicts or alcoholics are alike, and thus it is critical to provide a multitude of treatment approaches

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