The Science Behind Substance Abuse and Impulsivity

Author - JD Meints | April 06, 2016

There are varying levels of impulse and self-control in each person. Studies show small variations in the anatomy of an addict's brain compared to someone that has not used recreational drugs or alcohol. Looking at the structure of the brain, scientists can tell that people who have used drugs or alcohol at a younger age were more likely to have lower levels of self-control. Research also shows that the anatomy of a person's brain will be affected after abusing drugs or alcohol over a long period of time. The problem is discerning if the substance abuse occurred because of the higher level of impulse, or if the level of impulse was changed because of the addiction. As the study of impulse is further investigated, the hope is to learn more on the changes in brain structure and the influence it has on addiction.

You can read the full article written by Tim Newman for Medical News Today here."
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