Tips for Eating Healthy and Staying Sober

Author - JD Meints | August 13, 2017

When it comes to your body there are many healthy choices that you are likely making while in drug treatment aftercare. You're probably becoming more aware of your thoughts and choices. You're probably recognizing what behaviors are unhealthy and those that are working for you.

Having clarity of mind is important to have in order to function in life. It's also important to have clarity of mind during recovery in order to make decisions that promote recovery and well being. Fortunately, fuzzy thinking or brain fog is a temporary symptom that only lasts for a few weeks after detoxification. However, for others, it may remain for a few months.

Fuzzy thinking feels different for everyone. However, in general, it is the experience of an unclear mind. To be more specific, the following are physical symptoms of what fuzzy thinking might feel like:

  • indecisiveness
  • inability to think straight
  • reoccurring thoughts
  • inability to stay focused, lack of concentration
  • forgetfulness
  • feeling disoriented from time to time
  • troubling registering new information
  • things appearing less real
  • feeling out of touch with your body
  • continuing to think that you've forgotten something

If this is the way you feel in your recovery, healthy eating alone can change all this. Here is a list of tips to keep in mind when you're eating, planning your weekly meals, and/or eating out with friends:

Choose to eat foods that will create optimal health. Everyone's physical health will require different foods. However, in general there are common healthy choices to make, such as deciding not to have dessert, choosing fruits instead of cookies for sweets, or staying away from sugar and sugar substitutes. In addition to the basic healthy food choices, you might also be aware of the unique foods your body needs. You might have uncovered that your body doesn't respond well to dried fruit or caffeine. Following common healthy food choices as well as the signs that your body gives you can contribute to creating optimal health in your body and minimize unclear thinking.

Avoid using food as a reward or as a way to help yourself feel better. People turn to eating for all sorts of reasons. They might have just won a sports game and feel like they deserve an ice cream. They might be feeling sad and want to indulge in a piece of chocolate cake. Foods are not there to tend to our emotional needs. Food is simply a tool to give your body and brain the energy it needs. When you see food in this way, you'll be less likely to turn to it when you're angry, sad, or feeling victorious.

Make eating a pleasurable experience. Many men and women enjoy the experience of eating. However, this is often when the foods their eating is filled with sugar, salt, or carbohydrates. As mentioned above, food is not a means to change our emotional state. However, when food is being consumed, especially food that is healthy for the body, experiencing pleasure while eating can add to the health of the body even more.

These are suggestions for eating in a healthy way, which in turn can keep you clear-headed and making the best decisions in drug treatment aftercare.

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