Understanding Alcohol's Effects on the Body

Author - JD Meints | January 12, 2015

Whether you or someone you know is using alcohol in excess, it is important to understand the effects and risk factors that come along with alcoholism. While only a portion of drinkers will get liver cirrhosis, there are five risk factors that come into play. The amount of alcohol that one drinks, including binge drinking or drinking irregularly, is one factor that can affect the risk of developing cirrhosis. Gender also affects possibility of developing cirrhosis, as women may be more susceptible to liver disease and damage than men. An individual's immune system will likely have an impact on alcohol's effects on the body, especially if immunity is already compromised due to other issues. Genetics play a big role in both alcoholic liver disease and developing alcoholism, especially in regards to the metabolism of alcohol. Last, nutrition may exacerbate challenges brought about by alcohol abuse. A poor diet, malnutrition, and lack of specific vitamins and minerals can lead to digestion problems and challenges when it comes to metabolizing alcohol. It is important to not only understand and educate yourself on the effects of alcohol, but also to read up on the risks of liver disease and cirrhosis.

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