What to Expect During Rehabilitation

Author - JD Meints | April 20, 2016

Choosing to go to rehab is a decision normally fraught with emotions. Most of the time people do not know what to expect and are unprepared for such a drastic lifestyle change. Knowing a little of what to expect when beginning addiction treatment �could help with the initial transition and ultimately your recovery.

  • When you start at a treatment facility �usually the first step is going through your belongings, �keep in mind that this is an essential part of the process.
  • Be prepared to relinquish a lot of freedom. Rehabilitation is structured by rules and they are there to keep you safe and on the path to recovery.
  • You will notice a few different groups of people. Surround yourself with people that will encourage you on your way, not deter you from the journey.
  • Food normally surpasses expectations and is always a simple pleasure to enjoy on a daily basis.
  • From your roommate to group meetings, you will always be in the company of others.
  • Make sure to appreciate the busy days over slow ones which normally occur over the weekends.
  • The staff will recognize you using negative behaviors or tools.
  • Expect to participate in group activities, it does benefit you �even if you prefer to be alone.
  • Tie value to meetings, they will be very frequent and are invaluable in your journey to recovery.
  • Joining rehab will help, seeking treatment is a big choice that is entirely worth it in the end.
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