What's the Vision for Your Life?

Author - JD Meints | April 13, 2016

Great artists, accomplished writers, incredible sport athletes, and riveting musicians don't reach their accomplishments without also feeling resistance, heartache, struggle, and obstacles. We read about them in the papers and in our history books and perhaps we classify them as people greater than us. Perhaps we think to ourselves that they must have had something that we don't. They must have had higher intelligence or more resilience. When in fact, what they had was a huge desire to reach their vision. They had an enormous yearning to bring their dreams to life.

When we have a great desire for something, we are more willing to do what it takes to get there. We find the ability within us to face those obstacles and overcome them. For instance, the inspiring writer Steven Pressfield, author of Do The Work, tells the story of Charles Lindbergh - the aviator who flew over the Atlantic for the first time by himself.

Pressfield writes:

"Sometimes when Resistance is kicking my butt (which it does, all the time), I flash on Charles Lindbergh. What symphony of Resistance must have been playing in his head when he was struggling to raise the funding for his attempt to fly across the Atlantic solo?

You're too young, you're too inexperienced; you've got not credentials, no credibility. Everyone who's tried this has failed and you will, too. It can't be done. Your plane will crash, you're going to drown, you're a madman who is attempting the impossible and you deserve whatever dire fate befalls you!'

What saw Lindy through?

It can only be the dream. Love of the idea.

How cool would it be, in 1927, to land at Le Bourget field outside Paris, having flown from New York, solo and non-stop, before anyone else had ever done it?" Okay, getting sober is not something that's never been done before. Sure, people have from all over the world have been addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, or opiates, and they've found their way to recovery. Yes, it's been done before by millions.

However, YOU might not have done it before. Perhaps you're the first one in your family to seek help and recover. Plus, if you have a vision or dream for your life, then that too is the "cool idea" or hope you have for your life. You might want to:

  • --go back to school
  • --achieve in your career
  • --have more children
  • --get married again
  • --restore your health
  • --make amends with family and friends
  • --paint, play music, or dance
  • --get out of financial debt

For inspiration on dreams and goals, begin to journal about what you'd like to experience in the future. Write out the details of your life as you'd like to see them. Having a clear vision for getting sober can help you face the cravings, triggers, and resistance.If you have a dream for your life, you must be clear about it. What do you want to do exactly? Getting in touch with the size of the goal ahead can give you a clear perspective on what you need to reach that goal. Support from friends, a reason to get sober, and the benefits you'll experience once you get there can be sources of inspiration. Exploring more sources that are unique to your life might further boost your journey of recovery along.

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